Rockin' Adoption


I promise this wont be a blog about me complaining all of the time.  I just need to get some chips off my shoulders!


I feel like I’m under heavy attack here.  I know.  Sounds paranoid.  But its true.  I am feeling pretty hopeless about the adoption process.   I have been saving money so that we can start making payments to the agency but financial needs keep coming up, I can’t seem to keep my spending in check, and every time I bring up the adoption people look the other way and change the subject.  Like they never really thought this was going to happen.  I know what I NEED to do.  It’s just finding the will to do it!

I know- truly know that my heart/life is on the right path.  I know and feel complete peace and not a moments question that the DR Congo is where my heart has been all along.  I cannot wait to hold my little one in my arms, and I cannot wait for Bens prayers to finally be answered- because he really does pray almost every day for his “baby brother in Africa”.  No, we still have no gender preference, it’s just what he kid is wanting.  He “already has a sister”.  Maybe we’ll get super blessed and find  twins of each gender!  I’ve always wanted a family of 4!

See- just typing this all out is lifting my spirits again.  I need to STOP buying junk that I clearly do NOT need.  And I need to put my money where a piece of my heart is.

So if you’re reading this.  I’m asking for prayers.  Just prayers for this whole process.



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