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Things I’ve learned

I’ve learned 3 important things today.

#1. Ben is allergic to ghosts. I’m not sure what kind of allergy test one has to go through, or how many paranormal encounters you have to have in order to relate the two but with all the hours I’ve clocked watching “sightings” as a child and “ghost hunters” I’d say I have the professional credibility to not rule out allergies. Regardless. He has an allergy. And I know this, because the kid doesn’t, no rarely hardly lies.
I wonder if this is something Zyrtec can handle?

#2. When playing the tickle game with Laney; she likes to close her eyes. There’s definitely something to be said about this wild child. She shuts her eyes tight awaiting the tickle with reckless abandon. I imagine its similar to the feeling she gets when she gets bored with me while shopping and runs off without looking back and without a sound. Or maybe it’s the same thrill as finding any sturdy object to stand on and pushing it to any counter top with anything remotely dangerous on top of it. Either way, I hope one day she grows to use her super fearless powers to do something amazing. I know she will.

#3. I am impatient and lazy. I received the Home Study paperwork yesterday as well as the Dossier forms and wanted to dive in immediately because I want things to move as quickly as possible. But I soon became overwhelmed and frustrated because I write like a left handed monkey (No offense to any owners of left handed monkeys with good penmanship). I realized that a lot of this paperwork has to be translated later on for the Ethiopian trip. I realize that it would probably expedite things a better if I don’t need a translator for my actual handwriting.
I need to set aside some time to get most of it filled out.. alone. Without children trying to take over my pen, or eat paper. I think it’ll probably invo some coffee. Decaff of course.

So those are three things I’ve learned.. just today. What three things have you learned today?

P.S. I leave you with this awesome video.

Edit: I don’t know how to post a video.. disregard

** Edit Edit- I figured out how to do it.. sorta.. Wendee helped.

Ethiopian Orphans from Simon Scionka on Vimeo.

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