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Look Ma!

Two posts in one week! Do you guys see how serious I am about keeping up with my blog and adoption?! SOO serious, I’ve blogged twice in one week.

I wanted to post some pictures of whats been going on here in the Parker house.

Last weekend I had a pretty big wedding and since I had already paid my credit card payments and other “stuff” all the money I made went to the first portion of the adoption fee.
Ladies and gentleman.. THIS is what $1000.00 cash looks like.

(Dear FBI, before you redflag me, please know that I have a legitimate hair/makeup business and have the invoice to prove it!)

It feels really good to be able to have the money ready and available. I know that the rest probably wont come this “easy”. But it helps renew my hope that God is providing, and this is truly something he’s going to help us do.

The adoption contract and other paperwork is signed. The check is made out. What? You thought I’d be sending them cash? You’ve got to give me more credit here!
So the next step after AWAA receives the check and paperwork, were assigned a Home Study coordinator that will do a home study and help us fill out the Dossier. (Doss-E-aye). Which I think has a lot of the government paperwork needed, more detailed info on our family, and will be the deciding factor on if we do in fact get to adopt from Ethiopia. Don’t panic. AWAA wouldn’t let us get this far if they didn’t think it was possible. But Ethiopia has to give their stamp of approval as well. This process can take up to 6 months. I’m impatient. I want to start gathering all the info and documents that I need now. But I have to wait until the Home Study because the requirements may change. AAAND because I don’t as of right now, have the $3500 dollars needed to move on from this point.

I know that a lot of people wonder, if I can’t pay for the adoption on my own, how can I afford another child. There are a million beautiful answers and bible verses that I could bring up. But really, the simplest thing I can say is. I can’t afford to pay for this adoption on my own. I have debt. I have a family. I have debt. Stupid debt. But how many of you have 30k laying around that you can just hand over? Some of you may. But not all of you. This does not mean that I cannot provide for my family. It just means I wasn’t wise enough to save up better!

I wanted to give you a breakdown of the expenses. You can find them on the AWAA website, but I recently found a blog of a couple who just started the process as well and she had it listed too.

Thanks Abbey!

Application Fee – $250
1st Installment of Program Fee – $1,500
Home Study (varies by state) – $1,200 – $2,500
Additional Home Study Documentation Prep. Fee (varies by process) – $0 – $100
Home Study Visit Travel Fees(could include mileage, etc. based on current federal mileage rates) – $0 – $200
Adoptive Parent Training (2 adults) – $175
Documents/Background Checks/Passports(varies by state and number of states previously lived in) – $100 – $500
USCIS Fee & Update Fee + Fingerprinting – $890 (this could be a little less if Chris’ USAF fingerprints qualify)
Notarization, Certification & Authentication – $400
SUBTOTAL: $4,515 – $6,515
Courier Service – $150
2nd Installment of Program Fee – $2,000
Post Adoption Report Deposit(fully refundable if all post-adoption reports are returned on time – YAY!) – $1,000
Dossier Service & Translation – $800
1/2 International Program Fee (1 child) *** – $3,750

*** Includes the following:

America World Development Project program fee
Child’s medical exam(s)
Orphanage donation
Transitional child-rearing fee

SUBTOTAL: $7,700

International Specialist Consultation (varies by specialist) – $100 – $400
3rd Installment of Program Fee – $1,500
Post Adoption Administrative Fee – $385
1/2 International Program Fee (1 child) *** – $3,750
Trip 1 – Airfare (2 adults; prices will vary by season and location) – $2,400 – $4,000
Trip 1 – In-Country Travel Package (2 adults) **** – $1,400 – $2,500
Trip 1 – Visas (2 adults) – $40
Trip 2 – Airfare (2 adults; prices will vary by season and location) – $2,400 – $4,000
Trip 2 – Airfare(1 child; prices will vary by season, location and ticket – ie: lap pass or child seat) – $250 – $1,000
Trip 2 – In-Country Travel Package (2 adults) **** – $1,000 – $2,000
Trip 2 – Visas (2 adults) – $40
Visa/Embassy Fee (1 child) – $404

**** Includes the following:

Travel Coordination and Processing
Housing accommodations
Some Meals
Tour guides/Translators
In-country transportation
Gratuity to Ethiopian staff and guides

SUBTOTAL: $13,669 – $20,019

Post Adoption Visits varies by state) – $600 – $1,200
Post Adoption Visit Travel Fees(varies by state and location from social worker) – $0 – $300
Post Adoption Report Refund(refunded in installments as, and only if, each report is returned on time) – ($1,000)
Other Costs(include doctor visit and related co-pays, social security card, passport cost, postage, long distance phone calls) – $100 – $1,000

SUBTOTAL: $(300) – $1,500

TOTAL $25,584 – $35,734

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