Rockin' Adoption

I never thought…

…Paperwork could be this challenging! I think I can say that I’ve given this adoption process a LOT of thought. Lots. and Lots and Lots.. and you get the point. So I can honestly say, that despite how some may feel, this is not an impulsive move on my part. I can assure you that. I haven’t been blissfully naive that it would all go well. I- however. Can say that I was blissfully optimistic and probably a little naive thinking I would whiz through the paperwork no problem. And I would have it done before I had enough money to pay for the home study. I. Was. Wrong. There is currently $$$$ lots o’ money in my savings account. Waiting. Waiting for me to get this DONE! I am really terrible at this paperwork stuff I tell you. I have somehow gotten under Gods good graces and have been blessed with an amazing husband who as of right now, is trying to decipher the jumbled stack of papers that I have filled out, and right what I have wronged. I love that man. And for some reason. He loves me.

We should be done shortly though, we both just need our physicals. I don’t have a regular doctor. I’m not good about going. No particular fears of phobias. I don’t mind shots or needles.. I just don’t go. But I think this occasion is important enough to make a little call and get in somewhere!

So anyway- I leave you with this awesome video. Seriously. Its amazing.

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