Rockin' Adoption


I know its been FOR-EV-ER since I’ve posted on here.  I think about it all the time.  Heck, I even have a bazillion “drafts” that never saw the light of day.

I wanted to post an update on how the garage sale went.   It was awesome!  We sold more on the first day (Friday), and sold TONS of clothes which normally isn’t a big seller.  But apparently having your husband bring home a giant 80lbs slab of wood and hoisting it up on two plastic saw horses, and piling the clothes, all sizes, genders, and styles all in one giant pile, makes said clothes more appealing.   Its like digging for gold.

My sister donated huge ticket items, and my friend Joelle donated a TON of baby items.  Nice ones.. and Nicole donated clothes and a bunch of great miscellaneous stuff.  (BTW Nicole, if you read this blog at all, or come over and happen to see a mini old school metal bicycle that you donated sitting on top of my kitchen cabinets.. I did try to sell it by putting it in a laundry basket off to the side covered in trash bags.  But it just didn’t sell so it managed to find its way into my house.

Jacquetta donated a ton of her sons toys and lets not forget, her time.   I felt so bad because we agreed to start setting up at 5am the first day, and I forgot to set my alarm clock, and was awoken to my husband saying, “I think Jacquetta’s outside”.  And there she was.  Sorting what she could in the dark.    She stayed outside with me all day.  In the heat.  The high was like 102 I think.    THEN Saturday rolls around and I’m all sorts of sick, its 105 outside and there she is.  My warrior.  Selling things like crazy while I excuse myself every 5 minutes.  I’m not sure how I lucked out with a friend like her.  But I did!  Thank you Jacquetta for ALL of your hard work and generosity.

And thank you ladies for your donations, without them, there is NO WAY I could have made $830+ !!!!!!!!!!!!  SOO excited about that number.  We still have a ton of stuff left over- big ticket items such as furniture and a vehicle.

I realize I started this process with so much optimism.  I just knew the money would get here.  And I just knew this was the right thing.  Well, I can’t lie.  I’ve had my doubts.  For a while I even doubted if overseas was where we were being called.  Then I wondering if Uganda was where we were needed.  And then I questioned if we would ever get the $7700 that’s due with the next step.

I do know now, that local adoption isn’t in our cards right now.  It just never felt like.. “this is it”.  Uganda.. still feels right, but I’m praying that will be adoption #2.  I can’t believe I ever questioned on if that would even be a possibility.  Because for a while, adoption #1 was out of the question with Paul.  And the Lord softened his heart.  He moved a mountain, and here we are.  My wonderfully amazing husband is the one keeping me on top of things.  So I now know that if God wants us to have more than 3 children, He’s gonna make it happen!    I felt immense guilt “giving up” on our child in Ethiopia.  Well, that’s what it felt like anyway.  And after days and hours of prayer.  I know this is where HE wants us right now.  THIS is where we’re needed.  And I will NOT give up on our little one ever again.   The wait time is daunting, the money is daunting.  But EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve needed to make some sort of payment, the Lord has provided.  I need to stop doubting and start realizing and remembering that HE backs up his investments 110%!

And now I leave y’all with a picture of a Gorilla and a $800 sign.  I realize that it has a “B” in it as well, but I’d like to think of him as saying, ” Yo!  $800 dollas B.  Fo Realz”

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