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God works in mysterious ways…

But not this time. I’m going to say something that might have some if not most of you guys thinking I’m looney. But today. I got a high five. From God. Seriously.

Yesterday I took the kids to Mardel a Christian book store, and we bought two books. I picked one out simply because it had a cute cover. And the second one, because I liked the title. I know. I did everything I’m not suppose to do when judging a book. They’re children’s books, I mean, how much sustenance could they have?

So here’s the high five part. I’ve been talking to friends about the adoption and mostly about the costs and fund raising. 30k seems pretty daunting. But honestly. I really and truly have faith in this. And today, only solidifies that faith. I hope that this faith is permanent and not wavering! But I remember talking to a friend about how helping one family can have such a huge ripple effect. And wish I had a way to educate her or explain myself better… fast forward to tonight.

Anyway- I was putting the kids to bed and we decided to read the books I bought.
When I read the cover of the first one, I was like.. oh cool- its by Mary Beth & Stephen Curtis Chapman. They happen to work with our adoption Agency. What a coincidence. The book is called ” A Thunder and Lightening Bug Story” Then I read the dedication. (I’m not sure if that’s the right term, but being that I haven’t currently written any books, I don’t know the term for it) “This book is dedicated to moms, dads, brothers, and sisters who have made room in their hearts for a child who didn’t have a family.” Hi God, I hear you. My heart hears you!
This book is suuuper cute by the way. A great read for the little ones. A book I can’t wait to read my son/daughter once I get him/her in my arms.

The second book “The Boy Who Changed the World” by Andy Andrews. This is a very touching book. It basically talks about how everything we do, big or small can have such a huge impact. Its definitely something I’ve been trying to express to people. But it’s been hard to explain that helping individuals adopt is just as important as donating to larger organizations.

So folks. I loved both books. The second one was just so great. It was great hearing Ben ask me about it and explaining to him about no matter one, all good things no matter how small mean soo very much.

You may be wondering why this is my Godly high five. The books and their random meanings and just little whispers mean so much to me, and just solidify my feelings. You know when you aren’t sure about something and you just ask for a sign, beg for a sign. ANY sign..This was it!

What I got, was a Holy HIGH FIVE!

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  1. Shana says:

    Hey lady, we all need a Holy High Five and I am so proud of you for having faith. I love you girl.

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