Rockin' Adoption

Breakin’ in

A while ago I locked our filing cabinet because Laney was able to get in it and eat remove some papers.   Paul, decided it would be a great idea to tape it closed.  This was a great idea.  Until I needed to get into it.  Which really never happens but hey, adoption will make you  do some crazy things.  So I cut into the tape got what I needed and decided that I should just lock it and not have to worry about re-taping it.  Then I decided I’d put the keys somewhere, where we’d be able to find them.  Some place I would definitely remember.

Weeeelllll… I’m sure you’ve realized by now that I don’t have ANY idea where those darn keys are!   I’ve racked my brain trying to think of where I would think a safe and memorable place would be.

After many frustrating, days Paul finally broke into the filing cabinet.


I’m not sure how.  But I’m sure it involved some of those many muscles of his.  My man is hot.

(Disclaimer- this is not my man)

We have all our records that we need except for Pauls birth certificate.  We’ll have to send for one on Friday.  But this paperwork will be done and mailed by Monday!!!

And on a completely different and unrelated side note… is this real?

I found it in my google search for the pictures above.  I’m holding on to this monstrosity gem forever.  Infact.  Consider it my screen saver.

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