Rockin' Adoption

Big Shout Out!

I recently “announced” the news that Paul and I are in the process of adopting on Facebook and to his parents.

The overwhelming support that we have gotten is such a great comfort and confirmation that we’re doing the right thing!

I’d like to give a HUUUGE shout out to my first two donors.

Kim Barnes- Thank you so much. I know how frugal you are and that you guys are on a strict budget. So this means a lot. Especially since we’ve never met in real life!

Liz Baughier who is an amazing Austin photographer. And an even more amazing person. She’s not only donated money but offered up her services so stay tuned for an awesome change to get your photo on!

Thank you all for your kind words and your support. I cannot tell you how much we need our friends. And I can not express into words how amazing it is that you are us give an orphan a family! We love you guys. Really and truly!

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