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Dangers in the Congo

I was talking to our adoption coordinator about the dangers I’ve read about while traveling to the D.R Congo and I have to admit.  I’m a little ashamed of my doubts and fears.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not going to strut off the airplane decked out in expensive jewelry and tour the city solo at night.  But I am ashamed at what I let the fear of traveling do to me.   I struggle all the time with the adoption.  It’s never that I don’t want to adopt.  It’s just different struggles each time.  Money, wait time, Money, traveling, Money.

I worried about the safety of traveling to a dangerous area and then wondered.. would local adoption just be easier?

Enter the shame.  It’s not shameful that I feared my safety- I have two kids that I’m certain enjoy having a mother.  But the fact that I would break so easily.  And the fact that I failed to realize that I’m scared of my money being stolen or getting a curable virus when my child LIVES and BREATHES those threats EVER. SINGLE. DAY.  Child armies are not uncommon in the D.R Congo.  This isn’t like the military here.  Boys are forced into these armies starting at the age of 3 and forced to kill their parents to “harden” them and to help them realize they have nothing to go back to.  They are also forced into mutilating and killing many, many other people- often siblings and relatives.  At the age of 3.   It is uncommon for a girl to go un-raped by the age of 6.  Sexual crimes are one of the most common war crimes in Africa right now.   Families and children walk for hours and miles upon miles at night to as an attempt to avoid and go undetected by the L.R.A.

THIS is what my child has to fear.  My adoption coordinator assured us that they have someone with us at all times, and I know that I have Someone even greater with me at all times that wouldn’t ask me to do this- if it wasn’t something I needed to do.

I’m in this.  For our child.



I know its been FOR-EV-ER since I’ve posted.  But honestly- not much has happened for me to post about.  We were saving up for the payment due with our Dossier and so things were moving very slowly.

WE do however- have a pretty big update.

After much prayer- Paul and I have decided to pull ourselves from our current Ethiopian adoption.  We were notified the other day that the waiting time has been moved up to 24 months for our approved age range.  And although we would wait for our child for as long as we have to.  I want to be honest with you.  Ethiopia has never felt “right”.  Its soo hard to explain.  Adoption feels absolutely 100% right.  Africa feels 120% right.  The fact that I have a child out there- possibly not even born yet is 100% true.  WE are still adopting.

I have always had a heart for the D.R Congo.  We donate monthly to programs that help children in the Congo.  It’s always where my heart was.  But it wasn’t an option at the time.  And I quite possible got false information that it wouldn’t be a possibility for many years to come.  So we decided Ethiopia would be a great alternative.   So we applied, and were approved and started the process.  However- the entire time I would keep checking back up on the Congo and just wonder if God had it in his plans to open it up later on so we could adopt again.  I’m totally down with that!

I don’t believe in coincidences.  I believe that God makes things happen.  He lines circumstances up perfectly for you.   You just have to be open to accepting those circumstances.

Fast forward to now.  Or ate least a few days ago.  I received an email from a different adoption agency saying that they had openings for their D.R Congo program.  Wow.  My heart skipped a beat.  Then came the fear of maybe leaving the Ethiopian program would be a mistake.  Maybe its not what we were suppose to do.  And seriously.  MINUTES later an email comes from our coordinator from AWAA saying that the Ethiopian programs wait period had been extended to 24 months.  Keep in mind when we first started the program the wait time was 10-12 months.  So I’m not a believer in signs- but I am a believer in things being lined up in His perfect timing.

So it is with happy hearts that I tell you- we are still 100% absolutely adopting, and in the process of adopting- the geography has just changed a bit.