Rockin' Adoption

Hi, Remember me?

I’m the girl who started a blog about nothing and everything, then transitioned into an adoption blog, then another smooth transition into.. nothingness.  I am a horrible blogger.  I have a work blog for my small hair/makeup business (LucieMarie) that I never update as well.  So don’t feel left out.  Its just how I roll.

So-  an update with the adoption.  We were fortunate enough to have enough debt, that we earned enough Marriot Reward points to get a couple of free hotel stays.   We were also foruntate enough to be able to save a couple hundred dollars and drive up to Dallas to meet our adoption Social Worker for the first leg of the home study, rather than her come here for a couple of days.

I was really worried about this first part because we had to have a group interview, then Paul and I each had to do individual interviews.  I was afraid my past was going to come and haunt me, and I was afraid Paul was going to say something bad.  I don’t know what he would say.  Its not like we run a secret drug ring.  But sometimes he doesn’t sugar coat things.  And, because I’m a control freak, I think I secretly wanted to feed him his “lines”.  As it would turn out, my past was only a slight concern.  And I thin our Social Worker likes Paul better than me.  Which, I can totally deal with.  Kinda.  The control freak wants to be more likeable.  But- Paul is a pretty likeable guy.  I like him.

After the first part of our meeting, Paul and I got to have date night in a fancy hotel and I got to sleep without having a little one drop kick my head in the middle of the night.  Oddly enough.  I missed it.

Our final portion of the Home Study is coming up next week.  Our SW comes here, and gets to see what our house looks like, meet our kids, and hopefully doesn’t wear a white glove.  Actually.  I hope she doesn’t want to see in our garage.  I think a whole episode of Hoarders could be filmed in there.  Ironically, we now have MORE stuff in there from the last garage sale, than before.  Anyone need a couch?

So, that’s where we’re at.  I need to start gathering all the important info for our Dossier.  As well as gathering some heavy cash to send in with it.  But I cannot believe how much closer we are to bringing home out little one.  I just pray that God performs a miracle and shortens the wait time for a referral!  (Um, when we actually get on the wait list that is).